Upon first glance, one might not realize I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York–until I open my mouth. Then there’s sarcasm and sassiness aplenty.

Because cold and grey days make me tired and cranky, I now live in Southern California ( and yet I still have a Vitamin D deficiency, go figure) with my spirited son, diva Chihuahua, an ever-changing number of cats, and two screeching parakeets. To say I write fiction to escape reality is an understatement.

Some of my favorite things include coffee (I drink it throughout the day with heavy cream), cats (At the moment I have 4), tattoos (At the moment I have 7), anything having to do with sex (I should have been a sex therapist), watching reruns of Friends and Seinfeld (which I often quote, thus dating myself big time), Halloween (I start planning for it on November 1), pizza (I could eat it 3x a day), shoes (I’m a major shoe slut even though I mostly wear flip flops), and massages (my kryptonite).

I’ve written two romantic comedies, The Accidental Cougar, and The Meatball Mistress. My erotic romance, The Submissive Muse will be out July 14, 2017.